10 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger


Compact living is on the rise and understanding the requirement for the spacious feel in a home is crucial.  Of all the interior design techniques, this is the one most homeowners feel the need for . Without a doubt, there are certain obvious things to attempt – getting natural light, picking neutral tones and finding the space saving methods– however the critical component lies in the way you make every one of these components work together. That is the key to achievement in these circumstances. Regardless of what your purpose is for living in a little space, you will without a doubt need to make a few adjustments and get truly composed to make a few changes in order to adapt with your way of life. From rooms that are scarcely sufficient enough to fit a bed, to living rooms that need to suit a dining region , a home office, and a TV, everything requires space. Fitting all that you require into a little space certainly is not a simple task. All things considered, there are a lot of simple things which can be done to make your little space look additionally welcoming, more useful, and totally organised at the same time. With the help of shading, furniture purchasing, space arranging and efficient lighting, your place will feel organized and more open at the same time. Following are the 10 tips to help you make a small space look bigger.

  • Flooring

To create a more spacious feel, it is essential to start with the floors. The choice taken here is significant as it can change the entire outlook of the room. Some flooring may make your room look even smaller and therefore be patient and analyze carefully before taking decisions. For instance, a round rug is a great option for small spaces and it can create an association between the furniture pieces. If you opt for a traditional mat organization, pick a smaller size that highlights regions between your furniture pieces. A notable tip here would be to choose a floor covering that does not sit under the couch as this will outwardly look like cramping up the room.


  • Walls

Light shaded walls are reflective in nature and this will boost the impacts of natural light or maximise the effect of natural light in the room. Note that painting the door trims in a marginally lighter shade than the walls will help in creating an open feel. It is a well-known fact that pale shades can create an illusion that makes a room seem bigger and spacious. To keep the space agreeable and adjusted, it is recommended to use colours of same tonal family.


  • De-clutter

An intelligent way to make a small place look bigger is by having fewer things in your place. The technique is to embrace minimalism and get rid of the things which you do not use in general. This will create more space for the required things. On the off-chance that you have not utilized something in an entire year—or would not purchase now—dispose it.


  • Natural lighting

Exploit normal light as much as you can, which will open up your space. It creates a better atmosphere in the room. Basically sunshine is  the best approaches to make a  space look better and bigger. And for when it is dark outside, make sure you get the style and visual effect of the lights right. Selecting thin floor lights with the base and shade in the same completion would help in general.


  • Racking

Floor-to-roof racking is an incredible approach to give a feeling of scale to a space as it draws the eye upwards, and additionally it offers more storage capacity. Consider racking in surprising spots like the corridor, over an entryway or under a couch arm to create more space.


  • Multi functional furniture

Purchasing multifunctional furniture can save up a lot of space. For example, footrests, which can be utilized as both an end table, and additional seating at the same time.


  • Drapes

When adding window hangings to a room, ensure they are the same shading as your walls. Same shading will make your space look bigger. Another trick is to use thin window hangings.


  • Doors

Doors and cupboard doors can consume valuable space and even removing a door can work out at times – Using swing or revolving doors is a good option to save space in smaller areas.


  • Art

An artwork can create the illusion of space when it is hung over the eye line. It creates a sense of space and height.


  • Mirrors

Mirrors are a sensible choice as they are reflective. It helps to bounce the sunlight around the room. A few large mirrors placed on the floor will work generally too and are a less lasting choice.