Vertical balcony garden ideas


Vertical gardening is an effective gardening technique to optimize space and make wall gardens using pots or containers. Vertical gardens are easy to manage, quite creative and mesmerizing. You will need a sunny place for this make sure that your wall receives critical sunlight for plants to grow, and a moisture friendly wall. You can use polyethylene cloth to facilitate your wall. That being said vertical gardening is quite flexible and you can use many ideas to make a vertical garden on your balcony. Here are several ways you can make vertical garden on your balcony.

Use hanging baskets or storage bags:

Using hanging baskets you can make mesmerizing aerial gardens. You will need a strong cord, a hanging basket or storage bag. You can hang them using command hooks.

Hang pots using threads and fasteners:

You can hang pots using fasteners and threaded steel wire. The pots can be hung upside down on the same cord. I have recently added 1 more cord with 3 pots to my balcony and it’s very pacifying.

Use racks:

You can use racks with multi rows to place your pots on the balcony, you can save a lot of space this way and with a little green paint, you can add a feature to your garden.

Use bottles:

You can use plastic bottles as a pot for your plants. You can hang these bottles or you can make a garden with them by using strings. Hold the bottles with string at the lid and on the rear, fasten this thick and strong string to a strong support. It’s a cheap and eye- catching idea. You can use recycled bottles for this.

Use you railing:

You can use your railings to hang a lot of plants. You can save a lot of space this way. You will need hooks for this purpose.

Use wooden pallets:

Wooden pallet can serve you with two purposes. You can keep your pots in the pallets or you can use them as a pot by growing in their narrow spaces. You can also hang your pots with them.

Use wooden brackets:

Wooden brackets can serve you quite well when it comes to optimizing space. You have to mount the wooden bracket on the wall and you can hang up to 10 pots on a single bracket. Also you can avail it at cheap rates.